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Get to know your fellow parishioner!

October 7th, 2018|Comments Off on Get to know your fellow parishioner!

As we continue our 60th Anniversary here is our 4th Episode of “Get to know your fellow parishioner.”

Chelsea Gannon and Desirae Gallagher– Chelsea is married to Joe Gannon and Desirae is married to Eric Gallagher; both of their husband’s work brought them to Sioux Falls. Not being from Sioux Falls and moving here to raise a family without any support can be a scary thing. Desirae and Chelsea were no exception. There were some fears in moving to Sioux Falls. However, coming to St. Lambert Parish they found Christ and his friendship in one another. Hear how St. Lambert Parish has been a gift to them. How is Christ asking you to be a friend to your fellow parishioner?

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