Surrounded by a Cloud of Witnesses

The human heart’s desire for God is only surpassed by God’s desire for the human heart

Experience the new St. Lambert Lenten Video Series: Surrounded by a Cloud of Witnesses and discover where the heart of God may be waiting for you.

You can click here to watch our previous series A People Changed by Christ.

Hearts converted, lives renewed, a people changed by Christ. Fr. John Leo Rutten surrounds us with a Cloud of Witnesses from the universal church and St. Lambert Parish during this season of Lent.

Poverty…the crack where God’s love and mercy enter in. Watch as Fr. John Leo Rutten introduces you to St. Elizabeth and Kevin Kroeze, two converts to Catholicism, who entered the lives of the poor and discovered their own poverty.

The process of purging of things and the opening to Christ and the simple life. Watch as Fr. John Leo Rutten introduces you to Blessed Charles de Foucauld and Susan Ruiter, two people who left worldly possessions to find Christ.

The Christian is called to a selfless service of those who are in need. Watch as Fr. John Leo Rutten introduces you to Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati and Sam Nastase, who offer the simplicity of smiling and serving where God places a need.

Watch as Fr. John Leo Rutten introduces you to St. Francis de Sales and Theresa Fischer, who offer the simplicity of prayer which helps them lead other people to Jesus Christ.

Restless hearts! Watch as Fr. John Leo Rutten introduces you to St. Augustine of Hippo and Tony Decker, who offer the reminder that a journey will always be restless until it rests int he Presence of God.

Watch the series finale as Fr. John Leo Rutten explains, the good and God who wins us over!

“I had an encounter with a nurse that had served God by working with children with special needs for 20+ years. She started her clinic job a few months ago and is struggling to find God’s purpose in a clinical setting.

She was having a hard day on Thursday. I gave her a sticky note with the link to your videos. She thanked me the next day and said they were so helpful. Stepping outside your box is bringing the light of Christ to so many!”

– Dominique

“I had always judged people and never thought about what was going on in their lives. I soon found that I loved discovering how many people in our parish have experienced the love of Christ personally and their stories kept inspiring me.

I just watched your final “Thank you” video and everything suddenly made sense.”





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