Welcome to St. Lambert’s New Website

We have updated the web site to make it cleaner, to make it easier to navigate and most importantly to make it more meaningful for you to grow through and share God’s word.  We hope that you find it to be useful and welcoming.

New Home Page

The design of the Home page is intended to provide access to key information while inviting you to explore and discover more information and inspiration.

There are 5 key sections to the home page:

The Header and Main Menu provide links to all the key information and pages on the site.

Banner will change occasionally to bring attention to important events, changes and activities.

tutorial - banner

First section of the body delivers fresh, meaningful information.  Announcements will provide updates on upcoming events, changes to the web site and more.  From Father provide the most recent Homilies, Notes and Letters that help guide us to a more meaningful relationship with God.  Stories provide testimonials and witness that we all experience that will inspire.  Please share yours!!

You can click on any of the images to access more of each.

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Second section of the body: St. Lambert’s parish wants to be an active and important part of your faith journey.  You can visit both Grow and Share to discover updated information on you can join and participate in many offerings and opportunities within our community.

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The Footer provide short cuts to important pages on the site.

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Layout and Navigation

While there is some differences in the layout of the site’s pages we try to provide a level of consistency.  For most pages there are 3 key sections:  1) left side provides the page content 2) right column – Related Information – provides links to other useful pages 3) right column – Experience More – provides access to up-to-date stories and posts from St. Lambert’s new blog

tutorial - page layouts

New Feature – Blog

First off, what is a blog.  A blog is basically the same as the rest of the web site but it is comprised of fresh and new information that is continually added and changed usually on a daily basis.  The information is added and presented is date sorted (newest on top) “Posts” and grouped into categories that we hope you will find interesting.

The categories will grow as we do but primarily they contain:

  • Information from Father –  Homilies, Letters and Notes
  • Announcements – of events, changes, upcoming opportunities
  • Prayers – resources and individual prayers and readings
  • Stories – testimonials from parishioners like you
  • Videos – wonderfully produced stories and conversations that you will enjoy


Stewardship is a way of life – giving back to others by way of Time, Talent or Treasure.

Sunday, September 16th was our Stewardship Sign up for the coming year.  If you missed it,  we ask that you please fill out these forms as soon as possible.  If you have any questions, please call the Parish Office (336.8808).  You may also scan the completed forms and email to

Adult form 2018 2019

Youth form 2018 2019

Let’s Go Camping!

St. Lambert Family Camp Out

 June 17-19, 2016 (5pm Friday to Noon Sunday)cabinsweb
Where: Broom Tree


Family Cabins (sleeps 7) 

  • $85.50/night
  • Includes full kitchen, private bath, equipped with microwave, oven, fridge, coffee maker, toaster, dining furniture, heating, A/C and charcoal grills outside.
  • Does not include tableware, pots, pans or cooking utensils

Camping Pad

  • $37.00/nightcampground with RVs
  • Includes water and electrical


  • $26.50/night  
  • Tent only

Towels, pillows, and bedding are not provided.

Families are responsible for their own meals.

Additional information will be added soon.
Check back often!