Email Newsletter – General News

For all general news updates, goes out in weekly digest email to MailChimp subscribers.

Sample Automated Email

Hey guys,

I’ve set up the automated email list in Mailchimp.  What you are seeing now is a post in WordPress that automated triggers an email to an email list online.  The parish staff will be able to simply log in, write a post, and it will be sent out at 10am the next day (or that day if it’s before 10am).

It can do pretty much anything….you can BOLD TEXT

Apply Headings

Or even add images


Neal, I will get you login stuff once you let me know you got this.  You can edit the template however you want.  Once we have it working well, I can write up a work flow and meet up with Linda to get it going.

We can set up different automation as well.  This is just a GENERAL NEWS category for the entire list, but if you wanted people to just be able to subscribe when there is a new podcast, story, prayer request, etc.  Each person can subscribe to whatever lists they want.

Let me know what you think by replying to the email!

By the way, I wrote this post at 10pm last night…you should be getting the email automatically around 10am today (or I guess it’s tomorrow right now).  It’s sort of like a Back to the Future thing.

In Christ,