A message to our Karenni People at St. Lambert Parish

St. Lambert's is blessed by the communities that have immigrated from a Thailand refugee camp over the past decade. What a blessing it is to me as their pastor to know that this Bishop Steven Tjephe of the Diocese of Loikaw still cares for them in this way. Might we all at St. Lambert pray for

Family is Forever – you will always have a place at St. Lambert Parish

In the last few years, I have said to numerous people that once you’ve been to St. Lambert whether for years, months, or a few weeks, you belong – you will always have a place here.   I firmly believe it, but I recently was blessed with the opportunity to see this reality reach across more

The Game of Life

What a joy it is to be a father! This week I was guest pitcher for 1 inning on the St. Lambert/St. Mary school baseball team. I was amazed at their light-hearted joy to play ball. Yes, some cried when something didn't go as hoped, but they were filled with excitement because of great plays.

Big Mountains, Big Rivers

I was invited to speak for Catholic Young Adults at Monks in Sioux Falls. At first glance Monks sounds like just the place for a priest! However, Monk's House of Ale Repute brings this guy back to by-gone days: a location where life’s desperate anxieties and the heart’s endless longings were quieted by bourbon and beer.

I’m not afraid of sin anymore

St Lambert Lenten Retreat - February 20, 2016  by Joe Gannon So I have two things from today.  I wasn’t really prepared for the two things that kind of came about today.  So if they’re a little bit off the cuff and a little unprepared, forgive me.  About 8:45 when Mass started I came to

Everybody Needs Jesus

This photo was texted to me by the mother of a seven year old boy. I was in awe that his heart would be filled with such love. His words filled my heart, and I expected to take him that day to the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House to meet our brothers and sister who are homeless. I didn't expect

I Stand at the Door

(Jade Part 2 of 2) It's amazing how I have transitioned from not going to church and not believing, into someone who wants to tell about what God has done for me in hopes that in time, God will come to others and show them the way. I found myself thinking this morning, "I don't want