Speakers and Classes

St. Lambert’s often provides opportunities to learn and grow through talks and classes. Classes are usually conducted by one of our own inspirational leaders or esteemed guests.  These will typically be announced in the weekly Parish Bulletin and on Facebook (be sure to follow us).

Please enjoy the recordings and materials from past events. For additional formation and education opportunities which are not recorded please check out our Faith Formation and Growth options.

I am not a member of your parish but want to say thank you for having Father Veras speak and  for putting the mission talks up on your website.  I have begun listening to them and hear the breath of life and boldness of the Holy Spirit and love… love being poured out.  So I say thank you and ask that you please leave them up for a while.  I have not been able to listen to them all yet and would love to.  And would like to listen again and again maybe.  Thank you again and God Bless!
– Janet B., Watertown, SD

Previously Recorded Speakers and Classes

  • A Heart Strengthened Against Temptation by Eric Gallagher – Listen
  • There is Only One True Devotion by Eric Gallagher – Listen
  • Our Lady and Mercy talk by Msgr Charles Mangan – Listen
  • Christ, God’s Companionship with Man book presentation by Fr. John Rutten – Listen
  • Darkness to Light – Witness of Lucas Lorenzen by Lucas Lorenzen – Listen
  • Arise and Walk (Lent 2014) by Fr. James Mason
    Six part talk from Father James Mason during the 2014 Lenten Season.
    Talk 1Talk 2 – Talk 3 – Talk 4 – Talk 5 – Talk 6




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June 10, 2018 – Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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May 27, 2018 – The Most Holy Trinity

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