Parish Council

The Pastoral Council was a fruit of the Vatican II.  The council’s doctrine taught that by Baptism, all are part of the People of God, all have responsibility for the care of the Church. This parish council assists the Pastor with the salvation of souls, a truly great work of God.

  • Julie Wilka – Chair
  • Damian Greble
  • Molly Satter
  • Karla Erickson
  • Tom Polak
  • Janet Fischer

Finance Council

The Finance Council is required by Canon Law, the Church’s law code, as an advisory group to the Pastor.  They assist the Pastor in being good stewards of the material goods used for the work of God; and the property of the Church.

  • Brad Adamson – Chair
  • Jim Larson
  • Stephanie Canfield
  • Adam Aasen
  • Joe Gannon
  • Brenda Moore




St. Lambert Parish Christmas Sharing Tree GIFTS ARE TO BE RETURNED ON or BEFORE DECEMBER 16th. FOR GIFTS: Request a gift receipt. Staple the gift receipt to the ornament tag. Attach the ornament tag to the

December 2018

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