Due to everyone’s prayerful contemplation and generous contribution the Forward in Faith Capital Campaign was a success and from that the next stage, construction, can begin.

Construction begins at Ash Wednesday and the outcome will be revealed with a return procession on Palm Sunday.  Please take a few moments to watch the following video as Fr. John shares how we continue to move together, Forward in Faith.

Then scroll down to see how many hands make light work.  Thanks to the 100 people who made this process almost seem too easy.

The church is empty but our hearts are full! Forward in Faith!

———-The following information was provided at the onset and during the campaign phase——–

The Forward in Faith Capital Campaign is an opportunity for all of us to care for our parish home, St. Lambert.  Like any home, our Parish home is in need of repairs and additional beautification.

Thanks to everyone that prayerfully considered and contributed to the achievement of our financial goals.  Now the exciting portion of the initiative continues as repair and beautification projects proceed.  Some projects have been started and completed such as the HVAC upgrades that most of us don’t see but can feel and appreciate.

The updates within the Church will be starting soon:
– Construction will be performed during the Lenten season
– Masses will be held in the gym at that time
– Return procession will be on Palm Sunday

– New pews, railing, tabernacle stand will be stained the current color of the celebrant and deacon chair
– Brick pillars on the side walls will be painted the color of the ceiling rafters

For additional information on the initiative take a moment to watch the following video, read the attached brochure and Q&A.


 Front View of the New Sanctuary


New woodwork over Confessional


New Pew Design


New Window sample (similar to this)