Catholic Family Sharing Appeal – One Faith, One Family! 

This weekend gives us a chance as a parish to look back on Catholic Family Sharing Appeal (CFSA) from 2017 and also to look forward to our commitment we are going to make for CFSA 2018!

Last year we heard the audio announcement from Bishop Swain at all of our Masses where he asked our parish as well as parishes throughout the Diocese of Sioux Falls to consider providing financial support for the appeal.  We were told that within our diocese the Appeal supports Seminarian/Priest Education, Evangelization/Discipleship, Catholic Family Services, Pastoral Ministry Services, Communications, Catholic Education/Newman Centers, Pastoral Administrative Services and other Outreach Ministries.  Each of those categories support multiple different programs and entities to include all of the youth retreats, adoption services, marriage tribunal, cemeteries, Bishop’s Bulletin, TV Mass, Respect Life Initiatives and hospital/prison chaplains.  The Bishop assigns each parish a goal and last year our goal was $106,000!  How do you think we did?  We exceeded our goal due to the generosity of each of you.  We were able to raise $124,300, thus $18,300 remains with our parish to support our internal programs and needs.  Thank you for answering the call from Bishop Swain in 2017!

Now, we must look to this years CFSA Appeal – 2018!  What has changed?  Well, this year we not only listened to the Bishop make his request, but we also got to view it through our new projector!  The needs of the Diocese are still evident, in order to support the many ways they provide  for the parishes throughout the Diocese.  We are lucky to live in Sioux Falls, because many of these resources are within our own city – counseling through Catholic Family Services, easy access to the diocesan offices (including multiple parishioners who work for the diocese and also worship with us at   St. Lambert Parish) and Chaplain services at the local hospitals.  The diocese provides most of these programs – we could not financially and physically do these on our own.  We are dependent upon the diocese in many ways so we can continue to support the people of our parish.  Even the goal has not changed for us this year – $106,000.  The only question that remains is how much more money are we going to bring back to our parish this year?  Let’s see if we can out do ourselves this year in our generosity!

Thank you for your assistance in the past and for what you can financially provide this year.  If we are able to have everyone participate – 100% participation – I know that this year will be even more successful than last year.

What we provide together as ONE FAMILY is more than any parish

or ministry can do alone!

God Bless You…Fr. Young