The Celebration of Funerals

The Christian funeral confers on the deceased neither a sacrament nor a sacramental since he has “passed” beyond the sacramental economy. It is nonetheless a liturgical celebration of the Church.

The ministry of the Church aims at expressing efficacious communion with the deceased, at the participation in that communion of the community gathered for the funeral and at the proclamation of eternal life to the community.

(1) Catechism of the Catholic Church [hereafter CCC], 2nd ed. (Strathfield, NSW: St Pauls, 2000), n. 1684.

Funeral Preparation at St. Lambert

St. Lambert Parish extends to you our prayerful sympathy during these very painful days.  Be assured of our prayers for you and your loved one.

We offer you the services of the parish staff to arrange a funeral and burial that will prayerfully reflect our confidence in the abundant mercy of Christ while imploring Him to show that mercy on your beloved and on all of us.  Please feel free to contact the Parish staff.

As the family, you will be be asked to help make some of the decisions for the funeral Mass and wake service.  Please refer to the funeral planning booklet to assist you in making these plans.



“Preparing for a Good Death” – 2012
Father James Mason presents a Christian plan for preparing for death in a world where the dignity of the human person is not taken for granted.

Talk 1 – Praise Him in Life and Death: End of Life Decisions and Catholic Teaching
Talk 2 – Spiritually Preparing for a Good Death

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