Sisters of Perpetual Adoration at the Cathedral of St Joseph Collection

February is St Lambert’s month to supply necessary items to the Sisters of Perpetual Adoration at the Cathedral of St Joseph.  We ask you to take a slip with an item listed, purchase the item and return it to the brown wooden box in the East Foyer no later than February 25th! Gift cards should be dropped off in the Parish Office (Please NO Checks).  

The following is an excerpt from their website:

Our Mission is the adoration to Jesus truly present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist. Each Sister has her turn for adoration, day and night, in front of the Blessed Sacrament where we continually pray for the intentions and needs of all humanity, especially those who daily send to us their prayer requests, and all members of the Diocese of Sioux Falls which has become our home.”   To submit a prayer request to the Sisters, go to:


40 Days for Life – St Lambert Day is Saturday, March 3rd

40 Days for Life is a time of quiet prayer for the sanctity of all human life – from conception to natural death.

St Lambert Parish will cover Saturday, March 3rd from 7am—7pm in front of Planned Parenthood on West 41st St. If you can sign up for a 1/2 hour time slot, there is a table in the Family Room or East Foyer.




A lot of people, especially kids, give up candy for Lent – and then devour it at Easter till their stomachs almost burst.   I read a story online about a father who wanted to urge his kids to move beyond just giving something up for Lent.  He encouraged them to make a real change in their lives, start doing something good and turn away from bad habits.  His son decided that he was going to stop fighting with his brothers and sisters.  Commendable!  A couple of weeks into Lent the father asked his son how things were going with what he had decided to DO for Lent.  He said, “I’m doing pretty good, Dad…but boy, I can’t wait till Easter.”

So what are you doing for Lent this year?  How are you living out the 40 days; by being more prayerful, by fasting or offering alms?  Here are some activities that are happening in our parish which you might like to consider in order to live out this Lenten journey and uniting yourself more closely with Christ.

Each Friday during Lent, the parish hosts either a Knights of Columbus Fish Fry (Feb 16, Mar 2 &16 at 5:00 pm) or a Lenten Supper (Feb 23, Mar 9 & 23  at  5:30 pm).  This is a great opportunity to come together as a parish community, allowing others to serve us as their Lenten sacrifice.  After we fill our stomachs, we will pray the Stations of the Cross in the Church at 7:00 pm.  One of my most favorite devotions, especially during Lent, is to pray the Stations, to truly meditate and walk the path of Christ to Calvary, helping to see the sacrifice He gave for our salvation, also helping us join our own sacrifices to His.  Following Stations we are going to have a ten minute witness from a member of our parish on how they carry the crosses that are in their lives.  This past Friday, Deacon Roger Heidt gave us a wonderful reflection, allowing us an opportunity to enter into the sacrifices his family has made.  In turn, it helped us to understand and even more easily accept our own crosses.

There are many other opportunities we have during Lent that can assist us in our Lenten observance of fasting, prayer and almsgiving.  Each week, St. Lambert Parish offers 24 hours of Eucharistic Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  It is a time to sit before our Lord in prayer, recalling the words of Jesus to His disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane, “So you could not keep watch with me for one hour?”  Maybe you could stop in sometime on Thursday and be with our Lord?  On March 3rd, our parish has volunteered to pray in front of Planned Parenthood from 7 am to 7 pm in conjunction with 40 Hours for Life – praying that all mothers and fathers will choose life for their unborn child.  We pray that this sacrifice of time that we make would help show the love Christ has for those parents and give them a heart that chooses life.  Lastly, we have the opportunity during Lent to give more of our treasures.  Weekly in our bulletin we see the shortfalls that occur in helping to keep the parish running, as well as recognizing the needs of many of our school children who need financial assistance.  Maybe this Lent, we decide to use the money we are saving and direct it to help others—like for me in giving up Starbuck’s coffee.

In our opening prayer today at Mass we ask our Lord to help us “grow in understanding of the riches hidden in Christ and by worthy conduct pursue their effects.”  Take the opportunities that we offer here at the parish to truly know Christ more deeply, especially His great sacrifice.  This will encourage us to accept and offer our own sacrifices during these 40 days.

God Bless You…Fr. Young



Everyone is welcome to join our parish on Friday evenings in Lent for a Fish Fry or Lenten Supper followed by Stations of the Cross at 7:00 pm.  Here is the schedule for our meals:

Lenten Fish Fry or Meal in the Gym (Free Will Offering):

February 16th –  Knights of Columbus Fish Fry at 5:00 pm

February 23rd –  St Anne’s Guild Lenten Meal at 5:30 pm

March 2nd –       Knights of Columbus Fish Fry at 5:00 pm

March 9th –        Pasta with the Padres at 5:30 pm

March 16th –      Knights of Columbus Fish Fry at 5:00 pm

March 23rd –      Seeds of Hope Lenten Meal at 5:30 pm

Stations of the Cross each Friday at 7:00 pm in the Church

From Father Joseph Scholten


You have to begin with the end in mind.

Renovating their home, no one starts to knock out walls without a new floor plan ready. In painting, each brushstroke becomes part of something beautiful the artist has in mind. To drive to Grandma’s house, you have to know where Grandma lives before hopping on the interstate.

As we begin Lent this week, what’s the end goal we have in mind? While I was on retreat recently, the speaker thumped the table at one point and insisted, “Lent is not about giving up chocolate!” But what is Lent about?

This Wednesday, as the ashes are blessed, we pray “that we, who acknowledge we are but ashes and shall return to dust, may, through a steadfast observance of Lent, gain pardon for sins and newness of life after the likeness of Your Risen Son.”

Forgiveness! New life! This is what Lent is about! Notice how the prayer over the ashes reminds us of Jesus’ Resurrection. That’s where we’re headed! From the first centuries, Lent has been the way Christians prepare themselves to enter into the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of our dear Lord, which we’ll celebrate the last week in March.

Because Jesus is risen and alive now, He has power to forgive our failures and renew our lives, just like He does for the man with leprosy in today’s Gospel. That man received the gift of a new life –  something he could never give himself. Jesus, living now in glory, offers the same to us today.

Whatever we do this Lent, it will be worth it if it aids us in living in the presence of the Risen Lord. Are you giving something up? Let it be something that hinders your awareness of His presence. Are you doing something extra? Let it be something that helps you recognize His presence. I have nothing against giving up chocolate – just remember that we do it because we believe in a love that’s so much sweeter!

God bless you!

Fr. Joseph




Catholic Family Sharing Appeal – One Faith, One Family! 

This weekend gives us a chance as a parish to look back on Catholic Family Sharing Appeal (CFSA) from 2017 and also to look forward to our commitment we are going to make for CFSA 2018!

Last year we heard the audio announcement from Bishop Swain at all of our Masses where he asked our parish as well as parishes throughout the Diocese of Sioux Falls to consider providing financial support for the appeal.  We were told that within our diocese the Appeal supports Seminarian/Priest Education, Evangelization/Discipleship, Catholic Family Services, Pastoral Ministry Services, Communications, Catholic Education/Newman Centers, Pastoral Administrative Services and other Outreach Ministries.  Each of those categories support multiple different programs and entities to include all of the youth retreats, adoption services, marriage tribunal, cemeteries, Bishop’s Bulletin, TV Mass, Respect Life Initiatives and hospital/prison chaplains.  The Bishop assigns each parish a goal and last year our goal was $106,000!  How do you think we did?  We exceeded our goal due to the generosity of each of you.  We were able to raise $124,300, thus $18,300 remains with our parish to support our internal programs and needs.  Thank you for answering the call from Bishop Swain in 2017!

Now, we must look to this years CFSA Appeal – 2018!  What has changed?  Well, this year we not only listened to the Bishop make his request, but we also got to view it through our new projector!  The needs of the Diocese are still evident, in order to support the many ways they provide  for the parishes throughout the Diocese.  We are lucky to live in Sioux Falls, because many of these resources are within our own city – counseling through Catholic Family Services, easy access to the diocesan offices (including multiple parishioners who work for the diocese and also worship with us at   St. Lambert Parish) and Chaplain services at the local hospitals.  The diocese provides most of these programs – we could not financially and physically do these on our own.  We are dependent upon the diocese in many ways so we can continue to support the people of our parish.  Even the goal has not changed for us this year – $106,000.  The only question that remains is how much more money are we going to bring back to our parish this year?  Let’s see if we can out do ourselves this year in our generosity!

Thank you for your assistance in the past and for what you can financially provide this year.  If we are able to have everyone participate – 100% participation – I know that this year will be even more successful than last year.

What we provide together as ONE FAMILY is more than any parish

or ministry can do alone!

God Bless You…Fr. Young